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Abigail Covey Signs to Swim with Salisbury University

Abigail Covey will continue her scholastic swimming career when she goes off to college this fall. She has signed her letter of intent to be a member of the Salisbury University Swim Team. In the picture she signs her letter of intent with her parents and family and Seaford High School Swim Coach Mr. Micheal Lebow (last row last person on right).


Seniors Practice for Multi-Literacy Certification

On April 17, 2019 Forty seniors will take a Multi-Literacy Certification test. This test involves, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Passing this test allows students to place on resumes and applications they are certified literate in more than one language.


Seaford Class of 2020 Apparel Sale

The SHS Class of 2020 is selling Seaford apparel. Follow the link in order to purchase a variety of clothing and other items.

SHS NJROTC Marksmanship Update

Seaford NJROTC defeats Boonslick AJROTC

Seaford NJROTC defeated Boonslick AJROTC 812 to 764 in the National Air Rifle New Shooter League. Their second win in a row. They currently have a 3 - 4 record. Seaford NJROTC was led by, Aesha Patel who shot a 216. The remaining contributing members were Hannah Johnson, Madelyn Breittenbach, and Leila Sturgill. Seaford NJROTC is from Seaford, DE, and is coached by Anthony Rowe.

NoVA Sharpshooters defeats Seaford NJROTC

NoVA Sharpshooters defeated Seaford NJROTC 1436 to 1209 in the National Air Pistol League. Their second win in a row. With the win, NoVA Sharpshooters is in third place overall. They currently have a 4 - 3 record. NoVA Sharpshooters was led by, Bhavjeet Sanghera who shot a 377. The remaining contributing members were Suman Sanghera, Connor Shea, and Lori Anne Madison. NoVA Sharpshooters is from Woodbridge, VA, and is coached by Mark Budgeon.

Seaford NJROTC currently has a 3 - 4 record. After the loss they are in twelfth place overall. Shooting their highest team score of the season Seaford NJROTC was led by, Terry Deshields who shot a 317. The remaining contributing members were Spencer Burdette, Madelyn Breittenbach, and Nathan Holmes. Seaford NJROTC is from Seaford, DE, and is coached by Anthony Rowe.

Chef Longo Shaves Head for Cancer Fundraiser

Seniors Jessica Ocampo Sanchez and Kayla Honaker team up with St. Baldrick's to raise money for childhood cancer research. They had a head shaving event at the Bridgeville fire department and raised over a thousand dollars in donations. St. Baldrick's is a non-profit foundation that holds head shaving events all over the country to raise money for research to do away with childhood cancers.
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