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Principal's Message

Dear Students,

Welcome back! I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer filled with time with family and friends. The school staff has been working hard over the summer to prepare for the upcoming school year, and we are looking forward to the school year!

I am Dr. Susan Harrison, the new Principal at Seaford High School. A little bit about me - I have two children, ages 17 and 19; I played D3 soccer at Goucher College in Maryland; my parents are high school sweethearts from Easton High School; I used to be a high school English teacher; I like to read; two of my favorite movies from the summer were NOPE (except the ending; that was awful. Also, did you know that NOPE stood for Not From Planet Earth?!) and Black Phone (highly recommend!!!). Most importantly, I am super excited to be here at Seaford High School.

I have two main goals for the school year. 

(1) No student qualifies for summer school. 

(2) Create fun and memorable high school experiences.

Can you help me meet these goals? Can you come to school on time? Can you stay in class as much as possible? Can you help a friend? Can you join a club or a sport? Can you do all of your school work? Can you take pride in the school, in yourself, and in this community? Can you be nice to someone you don’t know? Can you talk to an adult if something, or someone, is bothering you?

I really hope we can work together to make THIS year your BEST year.


Dr. Susan Harrison 

Principal, Seaford High School