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Wellness Center Application

We would like to invite you to enroll your child in the Seaford High School Wellness Center. We offer an array of health services addressing physical health, mental health, education, and nutritional services for any student in grades 9-12 at Seaford High School. The Wellness Center operates as a partnership between the school, Delaware Division of Public Health, and Nanticoke Health Services.

All students who enroll in the Wellness Center are eligible to receive services regardless of their insurance status. Students who do not have health insurance can still be treated and are provided with resources to attempt to obtain insurance. Students who have health insurance must provide a copy of their insurance card annually in order for the Division of Public Health to attempt to bill. No co-pay or payment will ever be collected from you or your child. There will be no cost to your if your insurance denies payment. A copy of your child's insurance card and registration form must be updated annually to maintain enrollment.

Please contact the Wellness Center anytime with questions or concerns at (302) 628-2180.