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Home Access Center Form

Seaford School District will allow parents/guardians to sign and receive access to the Home Access Center (HAC) in order to view additional information about their children. HAC is an on-line website that will allow you to view the following information about your child:

∙ School Registration Information: Parents can view registration information and, if anything needs to be changed, the parent can contact the school to have it corrected.

∙ Attendance Information: Parents can view a calendar which shows the dates of student attendance including absences and tardies from school.

∙ Report Card Information: Parents can view the end of marking period report cards for students.

∙ Classwork and Assignments (SHS and SMS students only): Parents can view published class assignments and scores for each marking periods. This will only be active for secondary students at this time. We cannot use the elementary version of this portion of HAC at this time.

∙ Test Scores: Parents can view a summary of the state testing program assessments from previous years.

∙ Scheduling: This information is available for High School and Middle School only.

∙ Interim Progress Reports: These reports are only used by the High School and Middle School.

∙ Transcripts: This information is available at the High School only.

Additional sections may be added in the future. This student information is extremely sensitive and the Seaford School District wants to make sure that only the appropriate parents/guardians have access to this information. If you are a legal guardian and want access to the HAC, please complete the attached application. You will need to return it to the school in person and present a picture ID for identification purposes. If you have a child in multiple schools, you only need to return it to one school. Once the school receives your application, it will take approximately one week to activate your account.

Please contact the school if you have further questions.