Scholarship Information

Scholarship Checklist 
  • Complete the application in full.  If a question does not apply, note that on the application – do not just leave it blank.
  • Provide documentation that is required (cover letter, transcript, SAT/ACT scores, essay, tax return, college acceptance letters).
  • If applicable, submit a well-composed essay that makes a definite impression.  Essays should be typed and signed.  Do not use lined notebook paper.  Ask your English teacher to proofread your completed essay.
  • Submit a clean and neat application.  Type your responses, if possible.  If you must print, do so neatly and legibly in blue or black pen.
  • Neatness and accuracy does count!  Do not submit with cross-outs, whiteout, misspelled words or grammar errors.
  • Be aware of and meet all deadlines.  Most local scholarships are due to the Guidance Office by April 30th.
  • If applicable, mail application to the proper address with the proper postage affixed.  Mail in advance to ensure it is received by the deadline.
  • Give your application materials a final review.
  • Seek assistance if you feel you need it.
  • Please have your parent/guardian or another adult review/proofread your scholarship application.
Scholarship Applications   

Completed scholarship applications that are to be turned in to the guidance office are due next Thursday, April 30th.  The applications can either be emailed to the school counselors or may be dropped off at the high school at designated times.  The designated times are Wednesday, April 29th, 1-2 and Thursday April 30th, 10-11, 1-2, and 5-6.  If you are turning in completed scholarship applications at the designated times, please report to the high school main entrance, remain in your vehicle and someone will come to you to pick up your applications.  Also, there are still many open scholarships that get submitted to scholarship organizations directly with a deadline over the next few months, so continue working on them and mail them by the indicated due date.    Scholarship applications are still available on the school website and from the grab and go storage tub at the school’s main entrance.  Please contact Mrs. Fake or Mr. Lowe as needed.